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HRM Pro doesn’t show all info on connect App

Just started using the HRM Pro. I’ve had the Instinct 2 for a few weeks but can’t wear it while sparring JiuJitsu so I thought I’d try the HRM Pro to get an accurate picture of stress and calories while sparring JiuJitsu

As you can see from the screenshots from my Connect app you can see that it shows my elevated heart rate from 10:30 to 1:45 while I was wearing the HRM. But there is a gap at that same time when i bring up Stress and Body Battery 

My calories are definitely reflected compared to what I normally run on days with no JiuJitsu. But when isn’t the intense JiuJitsu exercise showing in the body battery and Stress screens?

  • HRM-Pro supports neither Stress nor Body Battery. You need to connect the strap to your Instinct (regardless whether you wear it or not), and keep it near by, in order that the watch can process the HR data in real-time. Theoretically, the reach of ANT+ devices is 3m, but if you are lucky, it may work even from a bigger distance. Bluetooth has a bigger reach, but I am not aware of a possibility to force the BT connection to the HRM on Instinct 2.

    However, stress is not being measured during activities, or even during non-logged periods with significant movements, hence it won't make a big difference anyway.

  • Thank u for responding

    i actually had the watch and HRM connected yesterday and logged a 30 minute workout. In the body battery area it shows a little image for the workout but there is a blank soot for the time during the workout 

    I don’t really care about stress but the body battery is important to me obviously 

    seems pretty pointless that the HRM Pro wouldn’t transfer data to the body battery 

  • Stress is what Body Battery primarily uses when at rest. Since stress is not monitored during activities, the body battery declines using estimates based on other data. Regardless whether you wear the HRM-Pro or not. Though, with the strap the HR data is more accurate. And as I can see on the screenshot you posted, the Body Battery is behaving properly even during the activity, and decreases as expected. Hence I do not quite understand what exactly you are complaining about.