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Can Daily Suggested Workouts be applied to workouts other than running?

I'm under doctor's orders to avoid high impact sports/workouts (including running) due to getting a hip replacement.  So most of my workouts involve low-impact activities such as cycling, fast walking, cardio, etc.  I understand that the daily suggested workouts are meant for running, but is it possible to apply the suggestion to my other workouts?  I have my suggested workouts provide an average HR rather than running pace, in addition to time and category (ie base, recovery etc).  So if it suggests Base 39 minutes, TE2.5, HR 120, can I apply these parameters to non-running activities such as walking or cycling?  I'm using fenix7S.

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  • Certainly can. You might need to adjust the heart rate for the activity. In general, lower impact activities have lower max heart rate so a correspondingly lower heart rate. Often it’s best to gauge the intensity on your rating of perceived effort (RPE).

  • Cycling has its own daily suggested workout recommendation.

    As a replacement for "running", in order to raise your heart rate with low impact, would slow jogging (look it up on YouTube) be an appropriate option?

  • Thanks philipshambrook and eezytiger for your quick response.  

    By "low-impact", I meant workouts that don't involve high impact pressure on my joints, like hard running, as this can damage the hip prosthetic.  I can still do rigorous workouts that raise my HR high into Z5.

    I looked into setting my watch for cycling recommendations (thanks for the idea).  Unfortunately my fenix7 won't allow me to do that because I don't have a cycling V02max.  I use a basic indoor cycle without any power pedals rather than an outdoor bike.  My V02max was calculated from my speed walks.  So, for now, I need to rely on the running-based workout recommendations.  

  •  I use a basic indoor cycle without any power pedals rather than an outdoor bike.

    You can change the Target Type from Power to Heart Rate. Bring up the workout, Click top right button and scroll down to Target Type.

  • Thanks, I've done that. Unfortunately, that does not allow me to get suggested cycling workouts since I need to have generated a cycling V02max.  In order to get a cycling v02max, I need to ride a bike that has power pedals, a power gauge, or some other wireless device that allows the watch to measure my effort.  I have a basic indoor bike.  

    So, as my OP noted, I get daily suggested workouts with a HR parameter.  I was just curious if this suggested workout can be applied to non-running workouts.  Thanks for your help and suggestions!

  • Yes, running workouts can pretty much be directly done in some other fashion if using TIME and HR or Perceived Exertion (RPE) as your metrics for the workout .  You can do the same type of workouts as an elliptical, bike, power hiking on treadmill, etc.  

    Unless you are a high level cyclist you will want to likely adjust your maximum HR for zones/target down ~5bpm as getting HR up just via legs can be trickier. (similar to HR for swimming).   As a runner & cyclist... the workouts/training are very similar if not the same and depending on the day/focus/races... will substitute planned workouts in either direction.  

  • Thanks eezytiger- I’ll check that out.

  • NickMN, thanks!