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HRM PRO Distance recording for football

Hi, I have a HRM PRO and a Fenix 7. I started a modified run activity with GPS disabled however no distance was downloaded when I saved the activity. Auto pause was also disabled.

If anyone has any tips on which activity I should use/modify to track my football distance without wearing my watch that would be greatly appreciated.


  • Only otion I see is to first calibrate HRM-Pro as it is describe in manual and then use treadmil run with settings in watch that pace and distance will be calculated via HRM-Pro.

  • Thanks. I tried a walk this morning recorded as treadmill run. No distance and pace was downloaded to the activity however I see the steps captured in the steps section on Garmin connect.

    I called Garmin support UK and spent 30 mins on the phone. The guy at Garmin said that the watch had to be in range of the strap for distance to be calculated. I said I didn't believe this to be correct based on information on the Garmin website and other users comments and reviews. I will escalate this with Garmin so that they adjust the way they describe the functionality or provide me with a fix.

  • I cannot answer you, I’m using my HRM-Pro for running outside and always paired with my watch.
    What I’m sure it is that strap itself is not able to provide pace or distance without the watch, how it will be when you start activity on watch with paired strap and after that connection will be lost I cannot tell you.
    Before 8.8 firmware Garmin stated that you can use the strap to monitor heart rate and steps in situation you cannot wear watch.
    In 8.8 firmware they introduced option to estimate pace and distance via strap, but as it is described, first you have to calibrate it and watch is a part of calibration proces.

  • from what I remember:
    Start an activity on the with with the HRM connected. Leave the watch behind and do your activity. Once you are done grad the watch, stop recording and the activity should download the data from the HRM.

  • Me and my friend have the same problem. Fenix 5s plus and Fenix 6s pro both with HRM-Pro (also tried HRM-Pro Plus). Straps don't record the distance (and therefore no pace either). HF and steps are downloaded to the activity/the daily step count though. We tried all settings (like distance - always etc) and various acitivities (indoor, outdoor). Garmin support can't solve the problem apparently.

    Did anyone here come up with THE solution/tip that eventually made it work?

  • We tried all settings (like distance - always etc) and various acitivities (indoor, outdoor).

    Have a look at the instructions how to calibrate the strap. Without proper calibration, HRM-Pro will not deliver any correct distance. Once done properly (doing a few +2km runs under excellent GPS conditions), and the estimates are satisfactory, turn off the auto-calibration, and it will work just fine, both indoors and outdoors.

    Calibrating the Pace and Distance Feature on a HRM-Pro or HRM-Pro Plus | Garmin Customer Support

  • Hm, Autocalibration has been on for months. I guess that even without proper calibration there should at least be some screwed data? However, I get nothing at all.

  • However, I get nothing at all.

    Yes, that's strange. Which watch do you use? Did you check the forum dedicated to your watch model, whether owners of that model experience the same problems?

    I'd suggest resetting the watch to factory defaults, resetting the HRM-Pro calibration, in the settings, and calibrating anew. If it does not help, call Garmin and request a replacement of the strap.