HRM-Pro no longer work


I've a HRM-Pro since one year and a half and I've needed to change the battery. Except that it no longer works, I tried with at least 4 battery, checked with a multimeter.

Why I say that it not longer works ? Because when I try to connect to my FR 945 or my phone, it is not detected.

Do you have this problem last weeks with your HRM-Pro ? What can I try to make it work again ?


  • So in parallel of this post I contact Garmin Assistance via Facebook. Garmin Team suggest to try a factory reset of band with this method, that worked for me in my case : 

    • Remove the battery
    • Replace the battery by switching polarity for 20 seconds (battery upside down)
    • Replace the battery (in the right way this time) and mount the sensor
    • Remove the HRM on watch and phone (Garmin Connect App)
    • Wear the band
    • Make a research on watch and phone and reconnect it