BUG: HRM Pro loses BT connection to HRV app

HRM Pro loses BT connection when I am very still - this happens often and predictably during my morning Elite HRV test and I need to shake the sensor to restore the connection. This is the 3rd time in a row the connection has dropped over 3 days.

Hypothesis: Due to the lack of motion while lying still, it goes into power saving mode.

Captured here ( connection cut occurs at about 4:20 minute mark)

(this never happens with Polar H9 or H10)


  • So how is it a bug that the HRM-Pro does not behave as you want it to with a third party app on a mobile phone?

  • When I shake the HRM Pro its wakes up again - as you can see.

    I don't see that anywhere. At what point in the video does it show you shaking the HRM-Pro?

    It is the BT cutting out on the HRM Pro, nothing to do with the app, the app has nothing to do with the connection drop.

    The Bluetooth radio is shutting down because the HRM-Pro has reached the inactivity timeout. This is by design to save battery power.

    If the Elite HRV Test requires more time than the timeout period on the HRM-Pro, how is the a Garmin bug?

    Amazed I need to explain this to be quite frank.

    Because I don't see how the power saving timeout on the HRM-Pro being shorter than the testing period on a third party app is a bug. Garmin will have set the timeout to work with their ecosystem not Elite's.

    The fact that Polar would appear to be using a longer timeout which allows the Elite HRV Test to complete is Polar's choice.

  • Respectfully this thread is not for your benefit.

    Either Garmin will or will not pick this up - I've put it out there and that's my 'job' done.

  • This is user-to-user forum with minimal participation by Garmin staff. If you want Garmin to definitely know about it you will need to contact Garmin Support.

    One user's bug is another user's feature. For you it is an annoying bug because it stops another feature you use from working. For me it is a useful feature as it extends battery life.

  • I just installed Elite HRV (I've used it in the past and have a premium account, but had stopped using it) and tried a five minute reading with my HRM PRO. No time out whilst sitting extremely still.

    I then tried taking an open reading whilst lying down and the signal died after about 2.5 minutes. Tapping on the HRM revived the signal and measurement continued.

    So, yes, it seems it does time out if the conditions are extreme stillness, or possibly stillness and angle, maybe.

    Not a problem for me, since I have overnight HRV from my Oura Ring 3 and Fenix 6X, but I see how it might be for some.

    Maybe a seated reading would work better than lying down - just propped up in bed rather than lying flat. 

  • I don't think a seated reading will help. Every morning after I wake up, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, etc, I wet my HRM Pro strap, put it on and go sit on the couch to take an HRV reading with elite HRV and check my blood pressure. I noticed sometime around the previous firmware update that I started getting really erratic readings. The app would show my heart rate wildly bouncing up and down. Anywhere from 20 BPM to 900+ BPM. I inspected the trap for damage and excessive wear and honestly, it looks as good as the day I got it.I reset the strap and changed the battery. That didn't help. I was using an iPhone 6s so I thought maybe the phone is just too old and slow. I upgraded to an iPhone SE 2022. My old phone had a cracked screen and the battery was shot so it was time for a new phone anyways. That didn't change anything either. I also have the SweetBeat HRV app and was getting the same wild and erratic readings with it also. I've also seen the same erratic readings with my Wahoo TickrX.

    I ordered a Polar H10 and haven't had a single issue with either app since. The HRM Pro works great with my FR745 and Edge 530, just not with 3rd party HRV apps.