HRM-Pro doesn't connect to GCM and don't update via the watch

Hi, my HRM-Pro connects to my f6x Pro without problems as well with my Bosch biking computer via Bluetooth.

But my smartphone (Oppo x2 find pro running Android 12) refuses to connect via garmin connect mobile. The strap isn't found at all. But Garmin markets the strap to connect as single device in GCM. This is my first problem with the strap. Maybe someone has a tip to connect it anyway. Garmin suggests to remove battery of the strap but to be honest I don't want to unscrew it several times since my last hrm run had broken plastics around the screws and water was inducing.

OK, since the strap is connected to my f6x Pro it can be updated via the watch. The update is suggested by the watch but it fails after 55 percent or so. I tried it 7 times. Any hints how to get this beast updated?

Thanks for helping me out

  • Best is to ensure the strap is wet, you are wearing it, and it is connected to your watch. The update should be in the Software update of the watch  in sensors and accessories. If you are still having problems contact Garmin Support.

  • OK, I solved it. For those, having the same problem, here is what I did:

    I searched in the GCM for the HRM-Pro, knowing that it fails. Then I opened BT settings and had a look at the available devices, connected there the strap by clicking on it, switched again over to GCM and voila, the strap was found and connected in GCM. From there I was able to update the strap to fw version 8.8

    Hope that helps