HRM-PRO pace and distance

The pace and distance is tragic.
As you can see in the picture, this is a 1km lap on HRM PRO, the distance and pace "out there". I did autocalibrations for 2.5h. Once in the woods and twice outside the city on the road where there are no buildings.
Today I ran a measured distance of 1 km. The running pace is very bad. The distance also. Even the GPS on the Fenix 6 x shappire shows 0.99 km on this route
For all who believe DC Maker. This guy advertises Garmin products, his tests are unrealistic as when he "advertises" weight.
Sorry Garmin but you did it wrong.

What next? Now I have to run a month and every now and then on a known distance switch to the belt to check if the calibration is ok? After all, it's totally pointless.
It is sold a new feature that does not work properly.
Several people wrote me that they expect too accurate measurement. If someone thinks that running at a pace of 5:30 vs. 5:10 is too high an expectation then he has no idea about running, because at 10 km it is an equation of about 5 minutes.
For the moment, it is better to run on GPS or footpod because the new option in HRM PRO does not work as advertised.
Fix the way of calibration or autocalibration.

5:10 is real time 1 km

5:32 is pace

0.94 is distance

  • What I can say, it is technology for amateurs, you look like pro.
    If you don’t want to use these features from HRM-Pro, only option you have is to switch them off in watch settings.
    Regardin acurate distance and pace acuracy.
    Acuracy you expecting you will have only doing your runs on the track with stopwatch.

  • This is how I understand you,
    But even GPS+Galileo proved to be more accurate.
    I felt that I was running around 5:10-5:15 and the sensor shows stupidity.
    I would even understand it with a 10 sec pace error.
    For me it's worthless, and I feel sorry for amateurs, because they won't "feel" how much they are running for and want to run faster, they will tire their legs too much

  • It's pity to see this. Means I'll not be able to get rid of footpod. Something I was hoping to get with this new Pace&Distance feature presented in HRM Pro.

  • I’m still calibrating my strap, for now, 4 hours runs with different paces.
    I’m planning to change settings for next slow runt to get pace from the strap and distance from GPS.
    It should show me difference between strap and GPS measures.
    Will share result here.