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Best alternative to HRM-Run for Fenix 6X Pro


I seem to have my HRM-Run fail after about 12 months. The first unit would pair but never get detected for an activity. Garmin replaced it.

My second strap is now reading very high and even if I slow to a walk downhill it stays very high. I know my HR isn't that high and if I switch to OHR I get a much closer HR to how I feel.

For both the battery has been  changed, electorde gel used and it has been washed daily with care.

So, that said, I'm looking for alternatives. It looks like either the Wahoo Tickr X or Polar H10. I'm not fussed about GCT or vertical oscillation but would like a strap to offer an estimated LT reading.

So, which of those two or are there others?

Thank you.

  • If all you need is heart rate (including HRV for LT), then just buy the cheapest strap you can find. Or one that is most comfortable to wear. Up to you.

  • I have several TickR and TickR X HRMs. I have had a lot of trouble with reliability. They are great with the original battery, but following the first battery change the behaviour becomes erratic prematurely. I think I bought three and have had three by warranty replacement. They are all a few years old - gen 1 if you like - so perhaps the refreshed models are better. On the plus side, Wahoo support have been brilliant with replacements, but I've just lost trust in the performance of the straps.

    In contrast my Polar H7 from 2014 (although seldom used now) has never let me down and battery life is excellent.

    My go to strap these days is Garmin HRM-Pro. I've had it for over 18 months without issue and no drama (although a trifle tedious) with changing the battery. With a bit of silicone grease on reassembly it has survived the washing machine more than once. The HRM-PRO-PLUS removes the ball ache factor on battery changing and should help prevent ***-ups on re-assembly.

    Based on my own experience I would recommend HRM-PRO-PLUS or Polar H10 (not that I've used either of these exact models). The Garmin strap will have the best integration with your watch, not only RD, which you don't care about, but also offline HR recording, which may or may not be useful at some point. TickR X and H10 also support offline storage, but it's of no use with a Garmin watch as you can't access the data and integrate it into your Garmin ecosystem.

    Any of them should give solid HRV results, but you might need to be wary of your connection choice between ANT+ vs Bluetooth. I'm not sure that all connections are created equal when it comes to HRV.

    For the cheapest solution then perhaps the new TickR - I'm not sure you'll benefit from the X. HRV should be bob on. It's great when it works. Wahoo support to the rescue when it doesn't.

  • Thanks Eezytiger. I'm tempted by the H10 but might just get my fingers burnt one more time by getting the PRO-PLUS.

  • For context: I've owned "all the HRMs" from the original Garmin HRM1G (hard plastic), Wahoo Tickr (poor connectivity, drop-outs), the podded Garmin HRM and HRM Run (all died after 1-2 battery swaps), a variety of "other" brands (BioStrap/CooSpo), the Polar H7 and H10.

    The Polar H10 has been solid for the last 4-years or so - never a hiccup. Lab tests rank it as up there with medical ECG for accuracy. I swore to never buy Garmin again due to the poor weather sealing.

    HOWEVER, I took a chance on the HRM-Pro Plus because Garmin seems to have finally admitted their screw-down battery door was problematic and replaced that with a twist-lock battery door. (the HRM-Pro and Pro Plus are literally identical except for that, and the colour - they wouldn't have made the change had the screw-down door been acceptable)

    Still too early for anyone to give reliability data on the Pro Plus but if you insisted on a Garmin HRM for the extra metrics, swimming use, step-tracking without a watch on etc, it's the only choice. If you don't care about that, Polar H10 is king.

    If you're on a tighter budget, the Coospo 808s is a good option, though I'd still suggest springing for the Polar. Avoid Wahoo Tickr - Wahoo can't seem to get connectivity right to save their life. (similarly, their smart trainers are notorious for BLE/ANT+ drop-outs)