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Hrm-pro : is the cardio frequence sent in live ?

Hi all,

i m very new with external sensor and I m facing some kind of issue with my hrm-pro. The sensor is linked correctly to both my fenix6 watch and my garmin connect app. However I dont see any live data coming on my watch (I took it off my arm to make sure the info is not coming from the builtin sensor) nor on the garmin connect app.

I was wondering whether the hrm is supposed to send live data to be read directly in live on the watch/app or if the hrm is only monitoring the activity and then transfer the data after the sport session is completed. 

any advice ?

thanks in advance

  • I was wondering whether the hrm is supposed to send live data

    Yes, it is supposed to send live data. Why it doesn't? I don't know. Are you sure it's paired and connected?

    Oh, wait. One more caveat. External sensors work only for timed activities. For 24/7 monitoring external sensors are ignored.

  • Hello. 

    thank you for your answer. I didn’t find anything mentioning this in the doc but I will try to test.


  • I don't know if it is just not true for HRM-Pro what you are writing, but the HRM-Pro isn't ignored outside of timed activities ... it measure HR, steps and also intensity minutes and sync it live to Garmin Connect on phone.

    These values can then be synced to watch also. But I think you can not see live HR from HRM-Pro outside of timed activity on Watch, you can see it only in GC on phone.

    Correction: no you can't see live data from HRM-Pro neither on GC on phone. It will just synced to GC and then to phone.

    To see live HR you have to start timed activity. But you can track HR, steps and intensity minutes with HRM-Pro also without timed activity.