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HRM-Pro HR spikes when cleaning *after* activity recording stopped

My HRM-Pro seems to record HR spikes in Garmin Connect sometimes when I am NOT wearing it, just rinsing it after a workout. Really annoying.

Is there a way to delete the incorrect data from Garmin Connect? NOTE this data is not in an activity, this is happening after I stop the workout recording (on Fenix 6X).

Second question: How can I downgrade the HRM-Pro to version 7.4. I tried loading the 7.4 beta onto a Edge530 but it would not update/downgrade. 

I tried changing my routine to just take off the strap and leave it on the bench until after a shower and put the watch back on but today it is still recording spikes into my GC account. Only thing I can think of is to remove the start from GC mobile app but then it loses some functionality.