Fenix 6 intensity minutes in relation to resting heart rate

Hello everyone,

with my Fenix ​​6 I'm busy collecting intensity minutes.

This also works quite well, but I still ask myself where is the threshold in terms of heart rate, from which a training time is realized as an intensity minute.

I read everywhere:

- At least ten minutes at a time

- Or the steps if no pulse can be measured

- And that this is analyzed in relation to the resting heart rate

But what does that mean and how much above the resting heart rate do you have to be and when does a moderate intensity become a high intensity, which is then counted twice.

I can't find any information about it anywhere, neither on Garmin Support, nor on YouTube, nor in forums and not in the watch instructions.

What particularly annoys me here is the fact that the intensity minutes are counted, but I have very strong differences. So the week before last I had over 900 minutes and last week just under 400, although I actually trained in a similar way. If this is only about a few heartbeats per minute in order to be able to collect significantly more minutes at the same time, that would annoy me very much.

You always train against your own clock, in the truest sense of the word.

Thanks for every tip, I'm really looking forward to your answers,