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Intensity minutes magically appearing with HRM-Pro / Fenix 6 / Android App

Chat, after they put me through "you don't have a clue" nonsense Q&A ,agreed there's a problem and said they'd open a ticket, but I have no feedback, nor a ticket number.

Here's the deal: 

Today, indoor cycle, wearing Fenix 6 Pro, with HRM-Pro (all firmware and updates current). 

Activity registers 36 minutes moderate, 6 minutes vigorous, 36 + (6*2) = 48 minutes total.  Cool, that tracks. 

Look at Daily Summary GRAPH, started day at 119 intensity minutes for the week, after exercising I have 167 intensity minutes for the week. Brilliant! 167-119 = 48 minutes, very logical.

No other intensity minutes register on the GRAPH. 

BUT, the summary above the graph on or the Android App says today I have 112 intensity minutes for the day, 36 moderate, 38 vigorous. 36 + (38*2) = 112.  So...where did the extra 64 vigorous intensity minutes magically come from? 

I bought this HRM-Pro while in Maui last month to get some swimming activity tracking, it has always behaved this way (moderate minutes fine, vigorous minutes inexplicable) but it seems it's the software or console that's really the problem, the actual activity the HRM-Pro is tracking is correct.  

My work around? Give up on the Garmin sensor and user the Polar H10 that has always worked just fine, and the intensity minutes always match up. But, I can't do swimming activities with that to Garmin Connect, I can with Polar Beat though. 

Other details: I have manually set up my intensity zones using HRR. Zone 1-2 = moderate, >= zone 3 = vigorous. 

I have looked over the forums and can find nothing about this at all, I'm looking for anybody else that might have experienced this. 

  • There is more to this than the HRM-Pro, I didn't use either of my HRM-Pro yesterday and I still got additional Intensity Minutes. The screenshots are from Garmin Connect Mobile for Android but Garmin Connect Web shows the same:

    The walk was recorded using just my f6X and a Tempe. The run was recorded using my f6X, a HRM-Tri, and a Tempe.

  • I received an email that Garmin thought something was fixed.  I added my HRM-Pro back into Android's Garmin Connect, the image below shows the results.  

    It does look like they've corrected the errant arithmetic between the graph and the summary, so they now agree.  What they didn't fix was the erratic multiplication (x4) of the actual vigorous minutes. 

    This activity should have less than 6 minutes vigorous, but it was recorded as 24.  

    I'll unpair it from Garmin Connect until they state they've resolved this bug too.  HRM-Pro intensity minutes miscalculation