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Is it possible to interface ESP32 with Garmin watch (Fenix 5) via BLE?

Hi..I've been trying to create a speedsensor for my treadmill with ESP32. It works with Zwift just fine.

But for some reason Garmin can't see the sensor? I wonder why not? 

It must be the Garning needs that something special  characteristic adverticed before it can connect.

Interesting discussion here.

Any help or sample code that works appreciated. 

  • Yes..I agree with you. I have tried many DUAL sensors like bike speed cadence and HR sensors. They all pairs as ANT+ and never as BLE.  However..I managed to pair an ESP32 with H7 (oh yes..I upgraded the watch :)

    But only newer showed the sensor again?? 

    And I eventually ordered the RUNN. My idea was not only to use it as Speedsensor on my treadmill but also to investigate/study  WHY Garmin won't pair with ESP32..but I can't pair the RUNN as BLE. And there does not seem to be any way to force to use BLE either.

    Although Garmin says it supports BOTH

    Wireless Sensors

    Your watch can be paired and used with wireless ANT‍+® or Bluetooth® sensors (Pairing Your Wireless Sensors). After the devices are paired, you can customize the optional data fields (Customizing the Data Screens). If your watch was packaged with a sensor, they are already paired.

  • Although Garmin says it supports BOTH

    It's a little misleading as only some ANT+ and some Bluetooth sensors will pair, depending on the sensor. For instance, heart rate straps can be bluetooth or ANT+ but IIRC speed/cadence sensors can only be ANT+.

  • If the whatch support BLE it will pair with BLE sensors. In my case  I used Polar H10 HRM both on ANT+ and BT, and it also ask me from time to time to pair to the BLE signal although already paired on ANT+. I also use my FR 935 with my Polar Bluetooth Stride Sensor without problem.

  • Hi,

    I have connected my Elite trainer to Zwift (Android mobile app) and it works fine.

    Now, I’d like to transmit HR from my Garmin Fenix 5. I’ve seen some YT movies and it doesn’t work. I see on the watch a screen with HR transmission but the Zwift app doesn’t detect my watch…

    It’s it possible to connect it or I should invest in an HR strap? Or maybe I should buy ANT+ and move everything to the PC app?

  • AFAIK the Fenix 5 transmits heart rate over ANT+ only (somebody correct me if I'm wrong), so if your mobile device doesn't have ANT+ connectivity, then it's a no-go.

  • Right! The fénix 5 is contemporary to my fr935. And those where only capable to receive Bluetooth sensor signals. For broadcasting heart rate data only via ANT+, it is intended specially I thing to be paired with other garmin devices. For the computer you will need to get an ANT+ receiver, but for me a chest strap that can do both ant and BT is better.

  • it is intended specially I thing to be paired with other garmin devices.

    In the good old times most smartphones had ANT+, but nowadays these are harder to obtain.