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Forrunner 945 Heart Rate disconnected randonly

During workouts, my heart rate dissapear and the activity goes to cero. I am using an external Heart Rate, and the wrist hear rate.

I have done power off/on, and restart, both were unsucessfull, the same issue appears.

This Garmin Forrunner 945, is around one year of use.

Would you please help me to solve it?

Appreciate ypur support.

  • I have same issue when 945 connected with other sensor & power. Data dissapear/appear randomly. Just try to use bluetooth instead ANT+. 

  • The general tips for HRM straps dropping out. 

    static in the winter: get tech fabric shirt and skin slightly wet before activity.

    dry sensors:  ensure strap is wet and the smooth sections against skin are wet also (aloe or electrode gel can help)

    placement and tightness:  my sensor drops out sometimes when lifting or bikign due to strap moving or being a bit too loose, especially on older straps that don't have as much stretch.  try tightening the strap and also moving strap a bit, often mine rides up and if i try a little lower it picks up. 

    get sensors touching skin wet again:  saliva or water from a bottle can do the trick.  

    One less check is make sure for some reason it isn't 'disabled' in the settings.  go to settings (press hold middle left button during workout), scroll down to ' sensors & accessories ' , scroll to HR sensor .  make sure it isn't disabled.