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Garmin Tempe ANT+ connectivity problem

Hello! I have a problem with a Garmin tempe Wireless ANT+ Temperature Sensor -
010-11092-30. I cannot connect the sensor with a Garmin Forerunner 945 after
battery replacement. Watches doesn/t detect sensor, even after I delete it from
the list and try to connect as a new one. Pls assist.

  • Just in addition: I have tried different batteries (all of them tested as more 3V)-same result, different watches (I have Forerunner 945 and Veny Sq)-same result, other sensors (bike cadence and speed, HR sensor) work very well. I just replaced battery on Garmin Tempe after weal battery signal on the watches, that's it. After that I never could connect the sensor. Thanks in advance to all for any assistance.

  • Make sure you placed the new battery with the correct polarity (i.e. not upside down). Try removing the battery, waiting 60 seconds, and placing the battery back in. Some ANT+ sensors exhibit unpredictable behavior when the battery is removed for a shorted time. Waiting 60 ensures the tempe is completely powered off.

  • I have tried 3 batteries, all new and I have tested the voltage of each. Polarity is also correct, it is quite hard to mix it :)  Tried to wait some time, also tried to adjust connection right after (3-4 seconds) battery insertion. Well, will try to remove it and wait 60 sec, but I always do not place it in very quickly. I replace batteries on all other sensors I have without any further connectivity problems, only Temp ANT+ has this issue.

  • I have exactly the same problem as you described it. Still no solution found? I also tried different new batteries, but it's not working anymore...

  • No solution and nothing helped, I decided not to waste my time, attempting to fix it. I just stopped using the sensor, support team advised me to buy a new one :) Very smart recommendation, but it worth my time :) Will buy a new one once

  • Thanks for you answer. I'm not going to waste any more time on it too. What a great solution you got from the support... :-)

  • How do I even know if the Tempe was connected

    You don't.

  • Have exactly the same problem. Replaced the battery 3 times now. Each time the tempe only works for roughly one day and then nothing. Contacted garmin and they are sending me a free replacement since it's still under warranty.

  • I got the same problem. I was forced to start investigation because new sensor is available to ship in 5-8 weeks on Garmin website(((

    I realized that if I dont close back cover but just secure attach battery to the battery contacts then sensor starts working! So the problem is not the sensor or battery but the loose battery contact

    What I did just add piece of conductive material (kitchen foil) to the "+" contact in order to wide a contact are, see image. After that the problem is gone.

    So it looks like the internal design of contact areas is not so good because contacts get loose once you disassembled sensor