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HRM Pro doesn't record steps or intensity minutes if watch not worn but within range of the HRM Pro

I've done some experimenting with my HRM Pro and Fenix 5 plus and i think there is a bug.

If i start an activity wearing the strap and then move out of range of my watch (leave it in my car for example whilst i go do  a cardio workout) then come back to the watch mark the cardio session as finished. the strap and watch sync okay. the steps and intensity minutes are recorded correctly from the strap and added to garmin connect and the watch.

However if i start the activity waring the strap and leave the watch in my bag but within range of the strap then mark the cardio session as finished the steps and intensity minutes aren't recorded from the strap. its as though it thinks I've been wearing the watch and ignores the steps and intensity minutes from the HRM. It does capture the heart rate data from the strap though.

It seems that if the strap is within range of the watch during an activity it doesn't record steps or intensity minutes.

This appears to be a bug that Garmin should look to fix.

Does anyone else have this issue?

  • I completed an activity today wearing the strap but not my 945. Heart rate data was captured but no step data. First time I have noticed this issue. 

  • I can confirm that I do have the same issue. Following my above post I have now tested wearing the strap and moving far away from my watch. When I return from the activity and save it on the watch my steps are downloaded. However if I complete an activity near to the watch I.e. its in a bag in the same room as I'm doing the activity then steps are not counted. This does seem like a bug. Can anyone from Garmin explain this?

  • Hi. I can confirm the same happend to me, I have not used the pro strap as a standalone device during activity, but use it once in a while, when charging watch or something like that..

    It use to work, transfering steps and all other data to the app, but lately steps have been missing, but all other data have been transferred. 

    Tried this evening to disconnect the watch, turn off Bluetooth, and then only connect the app to the strap.. it worked, and now, when connecting the watch again, it transfers steps from the strap.. 

    Think there is a bug somewhere, but steps measured from the strap, is now shown in the app:-) 

  • had a similar issue - heart rate and steps are recorded but distance metrics not. None of the "re-pair", "configure" etc. helped. Eventually also had to send my band back due to a very strong unpleasant chemical smell (same as 231250/chemical-smell-and-skin-rash-burn-from-heart-rate-monitor).

    And the resolution currently is: new strap registers all fine! So a rough guess - there are probably both programmatic and hardware issues with the strap (or at least some of the produced batches).