HRM on fenix 5 plus doesn't work

The HRM of my Fenix 5 Plus often doesn't work. In 7 months I've owned it it's just been giving me problems. I just read some people resorting to changing battery or firmware but don't the sensor itself need to be replaced? I've contacted the country dealer and no response. And I've noticed it shurs off more often after the last update. Has this happened to any of you?

  • I got Fenix 5 with HRM-tri about 1 year ago.   It started to give me erratic data then one day it just won't connect.   I did make a mistake of tossing the whole package into washing machine (that was how I cleaned my first gen Garmin strap) and may have put in a wrong battery replacement (2025 instead of 2032).   Anyhow, I was researching a replacement (HRM dual vs HRM run), then I dug up a comment from AMZN, telling me how to reset the HRM.   Remove the battery and connect the side contact (meant for +) with the central contact (meant for -)  with a clip and hold it for several seconds.   Put in the battery, put my watch in pairing mode and placed a finger on each electrode -- VOILA, it connected.