New Stryd with HRM-Tri


I plan on using STRYD for pace and distance OUTSIDE. I use Garmin HRM-Tri also.

Both the Stryd and the HRM-Tri have ground contact time and vertical oscillation. Does one override the other?
While running cadence data always comes from HRM-Tri. It is impossible to disable it.
Is Pace and distance, that comes from Stryd will be accurate, while cadence comes from  HRM-Tri?
  • I use an HRM-Run and a Stryd Live. Neither overwrites the other's data; they use separate fields. The Garmin sensors (HRM-Run, HRM-Tri, RD-Pod) use native Running Dynamics fields for Run Cadence, Stride Length, Vertical Oscillation (VO), Vertical Ratio, Ground Contact Time (GCT), and GCT Balance. You must use one of the Stryd Connect IQ apps or data fields in order to record the similar metrics from the foot pod, and then they come through in special data fields with the designation "IQ": Cadence (IQ), Ground Time (IQ), and VO (IQ). Hopefully you can see them all here:

    Note that two of the charts have a dropdown to select between data streams: VO and Vertical Ratio share a chart, while GCT and GCT Balance share another. Because the Stryd Live does not computer power, the Power (IQ), Form Power (IQ), and Leg Spring Stiffness (IQ) fields are empty, though they would be populated by the regular Stryd.

    On a side note, you'll see that there is also a field for Running Power (IQ). This comes from the HRM-Run in conjunction with the Garmin Running Power data field. If you were to use these along with a regular Stryd, you'd have two fields for power! When I recently trialed Training Peaks, the empty Power (IQ) field from the Stryd Live overrode the Garmin Running Power field and left me without power data on their platform (First World problem).

  • And, yes, the pace and distance will come from the Stryd as long as you configure the foot pod that way. In Settings > Sensors & Accessories, set Pace to Always, Distance to Always, and Cal. Factor to 100.0 (unless you've done your own manual calibration) with Auto Calibrate disabled.