HRM-Tri - does it store beat-to-beat (HRV data) for upload to connect

Hi All,

As a heart attack survivor I keep a close watch on my beat-to-beat (HRV) data and I have enabled the 920XT to store all beat to beat data for activities to view in Kubios later - this works quite well in the Bike and Run profiles. But the swim profiles don't appear to store beat-2-beat data in the FIT file.

I've just started using the 920XT while Kayaking. The 3 fields I use during the activity are Heart Rate, Stroke Rate and Distance. The open water swim profile works quiet well with my HRM-RUN to sense/display these 3 fields during the activity, but it doesn't store beat-2-beat (HRM) data.

So, can I use a HRM-Tri to record beat-to-beat data so that the 920xt will combine this with the FIT file and upload it to connect, or does the 920XT just throw the beat-to-beat data away before upload to connect?


   Matthew (stay safe everyone)