Forerunner 920XT

I have been using my FR920XT for a few years now but have not been right into my running as I have been this year. I am down nearly 11kgs since the first week of January and running consistently four times a week. Currently training for a half marathon. My first ever, and yet to be fully planned due to Covid-19 and all races cancelled. Hoping for July 2020.

That aside, I am finding that the FR920XT is not as reliable as I'd like it. It is all up to date and I have tried to contact Garmin via email about it. It sometimes will not sync data across at all. Sometimes, just to Garmin Connect but then not Strava. So because of this, I have been running with the FR920XT on and also recording on Strava on my iPhone 8+ so I do not miss any data.

What I am also now noticing is that the GPS data is a lot less on the watch vs the iPhone. I did an 11km run on Sunday. iPhone in Strava was 11.04km, but my FR920XT was only 10.46km. The gap is progressing as I run further. 

Has anyone else experienced big differences in GPS distance between devices? It's quite frustrating. If it was only 10/20 metres I wouldn't worry, but nearly half a km over 11km is not good.


Thank you.  

  • A wise man once said: 'a man with a clock knows what time it is, a man with two clocks can never be sure'.  You know there is a difference between them, but how do you know which one is correct? For that you need at least three devices so you can find out which one is telling you porkies. As an aside the iPhone is not particularly known for its brilliant GPS performance so I wouldn't automatically assume that it tells you the correct distance.

    What kind of course where you running? Any stops/starts during the run? How does the map look from the activity on the 920?

  • You can try connecting your 920XT via USB cable and sync using Garmin Express.

    Also, try removing the contents of D:\GARMIN\REMOTESW, then syncing with Garmin Express. This will refresh the EPO.BIN file which stores the (possibly erroneous) satellite data.  Give the watch a chance to sync with satellites (15 minutes or more) before your next outdoor activity.