Can anyone recommend an ANT+ usb that will connect with my FR945

I have a FR945 that I use mainly for running but also some cycling. When I do indoor cycling, it will pick up the power meter on the stages bike that I am using, but this only gives me the power not speed or distance so none of my cycling has any distance logged on it when it uploads.

There is a usb port on the console which should take an ANT+ but the one I bought off amazon my watch would not pick up.

Anybody got any recommendations for a usb ANT+ that will definitely connect to my FR945, or even confirm if the official garmin one will as I don't see to be able to find out!


  • I'm not sure if I understand what you're trying to achieve. The watch won't connect to the ANT+ stick per se, unless software running on the computer where the stick is plugged in sends something conforming to one of ANT+ sensor profiles.