Garmin cadence and Magene speed/cadence sensors and FR245M

I have several sensors connected to my Forerunner 245 Music.: Garmin foot pod; Garmin RD pod; Garmin Cadence sensor V1 for biking and 2 Magene sensors for indoor biking in ANT+ modus (one for speed, the other for cadence).

When I start an indoor biking activity the watch automatically connects via ANT+ to both Magene sensors, but when I start an outdoor biking activity the watch does not automatically connect to the Garmin Cadence sensor. It seems it tries to find the Magene sensors and not looking for the Garmin Cadence sensor nearby.

I have to open the sensor menu on the watch and connect to the Garmin Cadence sensor en then start the outdoor biking activity. 

Is there a way I can add  or exclude a specific sensor to an activity profile on the FR245M ?

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