Power loss - free wheel

My pedals do not seem to engage the wheel anymore. The app and the dashboard provide a rating on RPM but 0 watt being pushed. It feels similar to what would happen in case of a chain break for a normal bike. Has anybody seen this before?

  • I believe to have the same issue except it also occasionally gets a grip again and an awful noise. Just wrote them, hope they can handle it quick. 

  • Just experienced this too ... waiting for support chat to get back to me ...

  • Received my replacement unit the other day and problem seem to be solved. Very happy with the Garmin support. However sending a new unit when the free-hub is damaged is quite painful when you live in an apartment, due to the weight and the space that is required to keep two units for a few days.. 

  • Had to send the main unit back for a replacement too, which I’ve just received - nice to get it fixed quickly.

  • Two years later, I've exactly same problem. No drive pedals spin , bike records rpm but no watts. First bike 13 months old freewheel died. Replacement bike lasted a whole 10 weeks, when it developed the problem. Now it starts clunking and pedals just spin usually after about 1.30 hours riding. Wait 15 mins starts working again!  Two thousand pounds for this. We paid Garmin a £1500+ to send another replacement asap. Still waiting for a despatch date.

  • Similar issues twice. 1st time was in the 1st week after it was delivered. 2nd time happened today, spent 2500km on it. After the Galibier stage today in Tacx Training app. 70min of climbing, followed by a high speed decent. During the descent there were sounds of short circuiting coming from the flywheel and then shortly after the loss of power. No watts on the app, and the clunking awful sound coming from the bearings. Feels like the pedals don't grip. Waited for 1h and tried again. Bike felt really hot. Somehow the grip of the pedals returned after it cooled, it gripped again and power returned. Looks like an overheating problem or something. I was able to finish my stage, but agree that a 2500EUR bike shouldn't be stopping in the middle of a session. Trying to understand the root cause.

  • Hey guys,

    I just had the same problem.

    i followed the turorial on replacing the freehub, noticed the grease was dried out on the freehub.

    cleaned them, greased them again. Put everything together and now it’s working again.

    to bad the original grease is not heat resistant… will have to do it again after a year or so.



  • Hi Simon, I'm about to replace my freehub as well after it failed me again last week. Garmin sent my replacement a couple of weeks back. I'll carefully look for the grease suggestion, as I believe this will do the trick as well (instead of putting a new ungreased freehub back in). The clunking problem is not consistent enough. It only happenings on occasion and meanly when sudden high power climbs are mixed with fast decants, Thanks for the input. Really appreciate it.

  • I think the main issue is the grease dries out because of the heat produced by the high(er) wattages, so the problem will keep coming back. I noticed that the de power of the spring is also very low… just not produced to operate in heat Grinning