Problems with ERG mode on the Tacx NEO Bike

Hi, I was wondering if others have had problems with the Tacx NEO bike in ERG mode?  I first noticed the problem using Trainer Road.  I'd increase the cadence and the watts would go up rather than staying the same.  If I entered into a recovery phase the watts would be about 20 to 30% higher than prescribed in the program.  I've had Kickr products and the concordance was always great.  The trainer followed the program watts within less than 1%.  If I increased my cadence, wattage would stay the same.  I'm 65 years old so I don't have the FTP of someone 20 and maybe this is just an old guy problem, but I don't think so.  I'm using the latest version of Tacx firmware (really they need to come up with a different numbering scheme--- 0.0.39 doesn't inspire a lot of confidence....but then the product does feel very beta), and the latest version of Trainer Road on an iPhone 11 with the latest version of the software.  I've also tried it with the Tacx software and Zwift with a similar problem.  I know the problem has been described before, first in a September 2019 review by DC Rainmaker and then on the Trainer Road forums.  I guess I thought Tacx/Garmin would have had a solution before now.  Thanks