Zwift Cog will this every be "compatible" with Tacx Neo?

Hi All. I noticed yesterday that Wahoo has partnered with Zwift to enable the zwift cog to be used with Wahoo trainers and therefore virtual shifting. PLEASE can Garmin/Tacx do something similar? Will this every happen? Best Wishes Jon

  • As per the response from GPlama we as a community need to request this from Tacx...................... COME ON Garmin/Tacx get on with enabling virtual shifting

  • As per the response from GPlama we as a community need to request this from Tacx...................... COME ON Garmin/Tacx get on with enabling virtual shifting

  • It looks like Garmin does not care and they want us to use their horrible cycling simulator instead of zwift. 

  • I want this for my NEO gen1, will not buy another NEO if this feature does not become available via updates. Garmin need to step up and keep the trainers up to date. Also possible up-sales with nice shifter buttons and cogs must be at least of some sort of interest to the company right?!
    I would GLADLY spend $150-200 on these accessories...

  • the Neo "1" subforum is removed as i see now , so that is totally unsupported. but the 2 series also unsupported since many many years. if there will be virtual shifting, only the 3M will get it, nothing else. btw the Cog is not the Garmin's product, so you would spend that money not for a Garmin product. and you want that the Garmin to develop by their own cost a feature... where do you live??? Joy (i have Neo too...)

  • I´m not stupid, but if virtual shifting would be available I would imagine that Garmin would design their own version of both the cog and shifter buttons. I would buy those, I thought that was pretty obvious, but apparently not to everyone. Weary
    If they released virtual shifting for all units, they could get another $200 from everyone interested. My guess is that the code for the software needs similar changes on all Neo units 1-3.
    But I will probably get the Wahoo Kickr since the support from Garmin seems to be next to zero.

  • they dont interest such a gimmicks like this cog and buttons, it is just for Zwift, not standardized, the Neo1, NEo2, Neo3 all have different firmwares, but the design and core is the same, that is true, but they have to develop 3 new firmwares (which always caused tons of bricked Neo units in the past...) . But they already earned the profit on the sold units, if they spend  xxx usd for this virtual shifting thing, it just losses from their side on the sold units, they wont sell more NEo1 (because it is EOL), neither significant more Neo2/2Ts. everything is workoing like this, how big is the profit:cost ratio. 
    The Garmin is focusing only on the watches and other main things (because they can earn 1000% profit on them) , this indoor cycling branch is just exist, not so profitable (with Garmin's scale)

    If You want this , buy a Kickr v6, that will get this feature for sure , and the Race mode and other things are already in it.

  • I have the Zwift Click and Zwift Cog (and, for that matter, an Elite Rizer) working with my Neo v1 in Zwift right now, using the QZ app which forms a bridge between these devices and Zwift - and allows you to use Wahoo-style Direct Connect mode over wifi. I think QZ's Click/Play compatibility may still be in beta unless you compile the source yourself. The Cog won't actually fit unless you remove its freehub and install it on the Neo's own freehub after shaving a couple of mm off the side of the Cog nearest the Neo's flywheel so it doesn't make contact (although you don't really need to install the Cog at all).

  • Hi There. Thanks for something useful. could you tell us more about the QZ app. 

    All the best 


  • I certanly can - qDomyos-Zwift runs on Android, iOS, Linux and MacOS, and was originally developed to allow Decathlon's Domyos treadmills to connect to Zwift, as they weren't supported by Zwift itself. It has since grown to encompass all kinds of Bluetooth-enabled fitness equipment. Somebody also separately managed to reverse-engineer the protocol used by Zwift Click/Play, so that was soon incorporated into QZ as well. As the Click device is paired with QZ rather than Zwift, you don't get a virtual gearing indicator within Zwift itself, so I have a separate screen for that. Similarly, my Neo has to be paired with QZ instead of Zwift, so QZ can apply virtual gearing by modifying the effective gradient sent by Zwift - one minor drawback here being that since Zwift doesn't recognise the Neo directly, Road Feel can no longer be enabled, but I had already disabled that feature years ago. I was already using QZ so my Elite Rizer would respond directly to the gradient within the game rather than the power I was applying to the Neo. (In fact, I was already using it with a Domyos treadmill even before I got the Rizer.)

    The app has a website, a Facebook group and a github repository with instructions for compiling it manually on a Raspberry Pi Zero or similar. It's very cheap for what it does - and technically it doesn't cost anything at all to compile it from source - but the developer is extremely helpful and responds very quickly to questions and bug reports, so I am happy to subscribe for a few pounds a month.