Should my Garmin 935 be able to see my Tacx Neo 2T?

I realise it won't see it as a smart trainer but I was hoping it would see it as a power meter so I could take advantage of the left/right balance numbers.

Can anyone confirm?

The Neo 2T connects fine to both TrainerRoad and Zwift using both ant+ and Bluetooth but doesn't show up at all on the 935 when looking for sensors.

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi,

    I just tried today to find out a configuration that is working (Garmin 935 + Neo2T + Zwift).

    Below the details from what I have tested/experienced:

    1. First, the Neo2T must not be connected to any devices (but Ant+ must be enabled with the Tacx Utility App for spd/cad).
    2. From the 935, go to the settings menu > sensors & accessories. Then select 'PWD', it will connect to the 2T. Do the same with 'Spd/Cad'. Be aware after being connected, you have to go into the 'Spd/Cad' to set the wheel size. Then you can add any of 'power'/'cadence'/'speed' as custom data in the App you want to use (most likely bike indoor :). You can see in the 935 the name of the connected device below the sensor identification pwr/spd/cad (usually not 'Neo2T', more a big number - you can rename it afterwards for more clarity).
    3. From the 935, I use 'Bike Indoor' activity that I have customized with screen/data such as Pedal Smooth, Power, Power to Weight, Balance (in cadence), %FTP...
    4. While the 935 is waiting for the 'press start', launch Zwift (in my case but should work with any other app), let the Neo2T connects over Bluetooth to you laptop/tablet:
      1. I do not use the Garmin's wirst HR, not enough good compare to a HRM band. I pair also this HRM with the Garmin over Ant+ in the sensors & acessories.
    1. Then start the activity from the 935/Zwift at the same time (not so important if not in the same sec...).
    2. Then ride, enjoy the Neo 2T, go to the Alps, ride the Ventoux, engage yourself !
    3. After you stop your activity on both Garmin & Zwift, everything will be sync to Strava/Garmin Connect (depending on Zwift configuration, other platforms are available).
      1. In Strava, you'll not be able to get any data related to L/R % balance, TSS, IF, NP...
      2. But in Garmin Connect, you have them all !! (you need to remove manually the activity synced by Zwift to Garmin Connect).

    Did few more rides yesterday, I confirm this work (except I don't get elevation gain & Zwift name activities in Garmin Connect...).

    Hope it helps !