REX on Tacx Neo 2T and Fenix 6X


I just bought a Tacx Neo 2T and tried to make it work with my Fenix 6X ( coupled with HRM Tri) and Zwift or Tacx

It tested several configurations and wanted to share with you my findings

The best config I found for my use :

  • Fenix on bike indoor mode with Tacx Neo 2T being before configured as sensor for speed/cadence & power
  • TACX application (for the nice realistic videos  ) with sync with STRAVA
  • I launch both the bike indoor activity on the Fenix and the bike run on the TACX application (on my iPhone with an old Apple TV connected to my TV)
  • At the end of a activity,  I get a log of my activity :
    • in TACX application (with virtual GPS but no HRM)
    • in the Fenix and Garmin connect the activity with full details (all the power metrics, HRM, training effect, FTP, ...)
    • in Strava I have both TACX and Garmin activity (one to be manually erased)

Hope that will help you !

However thanks to Garmin and TACX which really made there great products !

Some more integration between real and virtual activities would be great but I am sure it is already ongoing. Perhaps a first step would be to have a virtual bike like the virtual run which allows to record on the Fenix and Garmin connect all the metrics and broadcast the HRM to Tacs or Swift application.