Download films and cheap tablet?

OK, I have a NEO2T - great bit of kit and interfacing with the ipad via bluetooth.  My issue is that my internet does not have enough girth to support the streaming service on the films.  I have tried all the normal things to boost the signal/bandwidth and I suspect that there will be a number of others that will be in this position with their trainer in the garage/basement where access to the internet may be problematic.  

So I believe that the answer is to download the films.  I appreciate that this is not possible on Ipad - IF DEVELOPERS READ THIS then please can this be a valid suggestion.  Download the film onto ipad/iphone and then good to go for a workout. - For E9.99 a month I would suggest that people might leave without this functionality.  

SO on the basis that this is unlikely to work in the short term at least I have resigned myself to buying a cheap device that runs Windows 10 - entry level Microsoft tablet does not have too much memory but probably enough - does anyone have any suggestions here to an alterantive?

Also running the desktop app on my desktop computer - logged in and cannot find the download button anywhere.  Subscription up to date, any clues out there please?