Tacx cycling software no longer downloads new routes.

I recently got the Neo 2T and have been it with the Newer Tacx cycling software with a subscription. I have used it for a few months without issues, but a few weeks ago, I start becoming unable to download new videos on my Windows 10 system, and I am unable to stream the videos. I can ride the videos I already downloaded, but any new rides will fail to download the entire ride. It gets to 99% progress then never completes.

  1. While this may be slightly off topic, I can't figure out whom I should be contacting for support on such an issue. The Tacx website says to contact Garmin, but I cannot see any support options for the Tacx Cycling PC software. 
  • I had a question about the Tacx training app so I went to the Tacx cloud and found the support/contact us link.  I filled it out and got a response in a couple hours.  But they said they were Garmin and I should email [email protected]   They said it would take a couple days for a response due to the heavy load.   That was last Sunday.   So nearly a week and I haven’t received a reply yet. 

    I’m not sure what the correct procedure is when requesting support.  There doesn’t seem to be a support button from the apps and the support link from the Tacx cloud takes you to a link for Garmin support but they don’t seem to be able to help with Tacx stuff.