Tacx neo 2t fw. 0.32 vs. power2max power accuracy

Doing a little test today. My gear is neo2t fw. 0.32, edge1030 and power2max NGeco power meter. Test is an erg mode and small 36 teeth chainring.

Edge 1030 controls trainer (first numbers) and power2max reads power data (second numbers). Heres the results.

300w=314w   250w=261w   200w=209w   150w=155w and 350w=367w  bad results. Tested two neo2t units and both have similar results.

Bigger the wattage is difference is also higher.

Heres the data.     Laps 2=300w 4=250w 6=200w 8=150w 10=350w

https://www.strava.com/activities/2873992812/analysis/360/421  (better usage)


Post here your results.