How can I see left/right power output? I have Tack Neo 2, Wahoo Element Bolt, and a Mac?

Hey everyone. I'm wanting to know if there's a way I can view my pedal stroke (in)balance data live, or even a summary after a workout/ride. I have:

- Tack Neo 2 trainer

- Wahoo Element Bolt

- Mac computer / iPhone

Is it possible with the devices I have? 


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  • Reading all the comments since 2/3 years about this feature advertise by Garmin, and the lack of official answer... I'm guessing NEO 2T is just a scam where the pedal stroke analysis just doesn't exist :-/

  • I have a similar issue. Neo 2 with latest firmware, recording on FR945 over ANT+ and I don't get L/R split.

    Does it need to be enabled somewhere?

  • Left_Right_from_Neo2_On_Garmin_530.pdf

    try it (i think there is no more Tacx Utility app but You can find it in the Tacx Training app too (you should enable the legacy ANT+ profiles )

    the "cycling dynamics" is not working with "3rd party" apps or devices, only with the Tacx Training app and on-the-fly (but this kind of cycling dynamics is an estimated data, You can get true cycling dynamics data only from dual pedal or dual-crank based powermeter, a trainer doesnt know to tell it accurately due to the lack of the proper data, so it is just a guess, a big estimation)

  • I just bought a Neo 2 SE and after connecting it as sensors with my Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, I see power, cadence, LR balance etc. on the watch and afterwards in the Garmin Connect app. Interestingly I don't see LR balance in the activity which is uploaded by the Tacx app to Garmin Connect. I use a Samsung tablet which is able to connect to Ant+ (HRM run).

    So maybe the combination FR954 and Neo 2 work similarly