Connection dropping in supertuck?

Has anyone experienced a tacx S dropping the signal when in supertuck? 

It's happened to me 4 times now and ruined every race as it takes an age to reappear again. 

I'm running ant+ and no other connection drops so I know it's not the Bluetooth interference. 

As I'm not peddling it looks like the unit just turns off?! 

I noticed another person in the route today dropped at the same place, we came to a stop in exactly the same spot. That can't be a coincidence. 

I'm got the latest firmware and I'm using a macbook with the latest zwift update.

Also power under reads horribly. Tacx says I was pushing 560w my pedals says 850w. That's pretty far off. 

I think I might move to wahoo as they are back in stock.