Bluetooth drops

Hi, I just got a new Flux S Smart T2900 on Monday. Since then I've done two races on Zwift using it, and in both races I've had the Bluetooth connection drop out with a few KM to go. Very frustrating, and I was close to throwing my bike out the window.

The firmware version is 3.3.40/1.1.6 out of the box.

I'm running Zwift on Windows, and the Zwift Companion app on my phone (all latest versions). Prior to this, I was using a Satori Smart and didn't experience this issue.

When the signal drops out, the watts readout reads -- as does cadence. Looking in the Zwift pairing screen, it still shows Tacx Flux as Connected, but NO SIGNAL. I have to unpair and pair again a few times before the signal comes back, and that takes about 2 minutes to reestablish.

I'm not running any other bluetooth devices in the home, and both my laptop and my phone are connected to my WiFi via the 5GHz spectrum.

Can someone please assist?