Can't connect Garmin HRM to TACX Desktop App with TACX Flow


I've just got a Tacx Flowsmart trainer so have started to use the Tacx Desktop App on my windows 10 laptop. The app connects quickly to the trainer with no problems. However, the app cannot see my Garmin Heart Rate Monitor which connects via Ant +. The app shows that Ant+ is available, I've checked HRM is working fine by testing against my Edge 520. I've checked it in Zwift and that is fine. All I get is the "Searching.." widget at the bottom of the Device Manager screen. I've gone through all the options in the App but can't find anything I can change. After lot's of googling I can't seem to fins any solutions to this. I can't believe that it is not possible, so what am I doing wrong please?

Thanks in advance .Jim..

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  • May be subtly different but I just udated the Tacx app on my Android phone and tablet (4.19.1) and it's broken the connection to my Garmin HRM Run strap. Strap only supports ANT+. ANTTester shows the phone and tablet are fine. Worked fine last week.

    Just before starting a slope ride (the only kind I ever do) it shows the "connect HRM" button or words to that effect, but that just takes you to the device manager page which shows my Flow Smart connected and the demo but nothing else.

    EDIT: Just uninstalled 4.19.1 and installed 4.18.2 (from apkpure) on my phone, and it connected to the Flow Smart and HRM Run just fine. Uninstalled 4.19.1 from my tablet and reinstalled 4.19.1 and it doesn't work / won't see the HRM.

    So essentially, another bad update. 4.19.1 also binned my latest virtual ride even though it said it was saved.

  • I just udated the Tacx app on my Android phone and tablet (4.19.1) and it's broken the connection to my Garmin HRM Run strap

    Have you tried to return to the previous version?

  • Thanks :)  was just editing my post to say this lol. I've only been in the Garmin ecosystem for 5 months and it's been an awful experience so far. I wonder if there was a bad update for W10 also...

  • Garmin need to be more careful with updates and solve the problems faster. 6 months.... this have been reported and the problem still exists.

  • Is it worth changing to a Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth? I can't connect the Tacx app on my laptop to my HRM even with an ANT+ dongle. 

  • I have successfully paired my HRM-Tri to the Tacx Training app on my Android phone without the hint of a problem.  I can not pair it to my iOS iPad, no matter what I do. 

  • Same problem for me, laptop saying ant+usb driver needs to be installed, presumably this should come from the usb itself

  • Hi there,

    was able to solve some problem in TDA with ANTplus dongels and win 10 32bit and 64 bit version too for my old Tacx Flow (usb) - which is attached to the computer via Antplus (using the Freeware FortiusANT - but this is a completely different construction site than the newer Tacx Flow ...) .

    Win 10 pro 32 bit The help button in the TDA helped here, the problem with the data protection settings is described fairly precisely, for frequently asked questions - so everything runs smoothly.

    In addition to the previously mentioned data protection settings, Win 10 pro 64 bit requires a certified driver for ANT dongels in order to install them correctly.

    Then it is necessary to install the executable file "vcredist_x86 as executable file" for the 64 bit variant.

    I got this file automatically when I pressed the button "Cannot find my device" on the TDA coupling page ...

    Then the ANTplus button was green and the Tacx Flow could be connected.

    Everything is not very intuitive and it took me some time to get it working, especially since googling everything didn't bring any results ...

    Hope it helps one or the other.

    (translated from German with google translator ...)

    Greetings from Germany

  • Download the stock rom for your device with just one click! Firmware RAW makes it easy to find a USB driver and the flash file.