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What is official status of quick replies?

There is mention of quick replies in oficial user manual here:

However I can not reply using Vivomove Style or edit replies in Garmin app. 

I found out, this feature is only for (maybe specific) Android phones. I am using Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro (Android 10), but no other conditions were specified. For me this is essential feature. I also read similar posts on this forum, some users mention they can reply atleast 'yes'. What is official stutus of quick replies?

  • The reply to text feature is available only for Android phones. If you have an iPhone that is the reason why you do not have the option on the watch:

  • Hello, as I mentioned earlier, I own Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (Android 10). 

  • Sorry, I missed that. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 10. I get the option to select a reply when I tap on the watch screen in response to a text notification. 

    Could it be something with the app you use for texting, perhaps a permission issue, either at system level (Android) or in the Garmin Connect app?

  • I have reinstalled Garmin app, allow permissions for everything (even camera) and through testing I noticed I am able to respond SMS, however responding to messenger or whatsup is not possible. Permission settings in Garmin app mentions only responding to call or SMS. Are you able to respond to chat (Messenger or Whatsup)? 

  • If I recall correctly, it is possible to reply only to "regular" text messages, not those from other apps. 

    I use WhatsApp too and I can't reply to those messages.

  • I think we hit nail on head. I expected replying to anything yet we can reply only to regular messages. Year 2021, wake up Garmin. I returned my vivomove to store today. Shame. I have to wait for vivomove 4 or find something more usefull. Thank you Batman for you help ;)

  • You are welcome. To be fair to Garmin, they indicate in the specs of the Vivomove Luxe/Style that the reply from watch is only for text and with Android:

    We all would like a single device to support every features we can possibly think of, but such device I am afraid does not exist yet Slight smile. The Luxe/Style is a hybrid watch that tries to merge the features and look of a traditional watch with most of the smartwatch features commonly seen around, but not all.

    Unlike smartwatches based on Wear OS or iOS (like the Samsung Galaxy Watch series or the Apple Watches), the Luxe/Style has not been designed to be an extension of the phone, it is not its intended use. For me it is nearly the ideal watch, as I like watches with "real" mechanical hands and a digital display to adds features not present in traditional watches.

    I consider the display of a watch (ANY watch) too small to be useful for more than reading information, so in my case I do not see as a problem the limited ability of the Luxe/Style to reply to messages or the lack other functions that would allow to use it as an input "tool" for a phone. But that is just me, to everybody their own.

    Nothing wrong if you find that it does not fit your needs, there are so many options on the market that I am sure you will find the perfect watch (for you).

  • This feature is still not implemented 2 years after your comment? Wow.. as a programmer, I see this as a horrible user support. This is definitely a must-have feature on any smart watch that should take at max several days of work for the dev team from start to finish. I can't even change the language of quick replies if I don't change the language of the watch... What