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gesture turned off but screen waking up when shaking wrist after 3.90? (vivomove luxe)

I've got a silver vivomove luxe and am really happy with it; a really solid upgrade after my vivomove hr.

After the recent 3.90 software upgrade I've noticed that the screen will be turned on if I shake my wrist. It will consistently turn on the gesture screen if I shake my wrist twice. I have the gesture option turned off as I find it a little distracting and want to save battery life.

I have tried

  • explicitly setting to gesture on, then sync, then set gesture to off and sync (device > appearance > display options > gesture)
  • resetting to default settings on watch then repeating above
  • putting watch on other wrist (normally on right wrist as I'm left handed)

Has anyone else found this? Any ideas on how to disable it??

  • True bruv. Disgusting experience...

    I would understand if it was small dodgy independent company. But Garmin, they make some serious stuff. How come they cannot sort this little issue! That's absolutely unacceptable.

  • I'm seeding the link of this forum to show other people how this brand really are! I'm going to youtube and putting on comments where others have problem.

  • Update 4.0 fixes my problem! Thanks!

  • With 4.0 the display will still turn on when moving. Still no fix after months.

  • I was excited to see the update but unfortunately it hasn't fixed the issue for me either. It appears improved however will still turn on with a couple of wrist shakes. See attached video. Confirmed gesture turned off in app.

    , I've taken a video of it in action but can't upload to the forum anymore. You may contact me via email if another upload of logs will assist with this.

    If you are still affected then I think it helped battery life to turn off half of the complications on the display so there is less screen to turn on, ie just show top or bottom. It is a frustration that this is shortening the life of our watches by making us charge them more often.

  • Hey there! Thank you for letting me know! I have brought this up to my team, as soon as I get some information I will let you know! Thank you so much for your patience. 

  • Thank you.

    After using for a day it is definitely better than before. It must be a balance between not turning on vs being able to wake with double tap

  • Thank you! I still reached out to my team regarding this and I am waiting for a response. Better is great to hear but I will see what we need to do from here and let you know! Thank you for your patience

  • For me, it's not. After a strength training of 3hrs length (watch's battery was at 100% when beginning), the battery was almost drained.

  • Hello! The gesture was fixed with our latest update but it seems a few of you are still experiencing this. Can I have you be sure the software shows 4.0 then turn the gesture on, sync the device then turn it back off and sync again. Can you tell me if there is any difference, if there is not, I would like to reach out to you!