Version 9.24 thinks I'm tapping and holding complications on the watch face when screen is off

I recently updated to software version 9.24. On my watch face I have body battery, step count, and device battery displayed as the "complications" (on the watch face). After the update, when I'm not using the watch, it constantly thinks I'm pressing one of the complications and brings up one of the related screens. 

I believe this is because if, while the screen is off, you tap and hold the area where the complication icon would be if the screen is on, it will register it as a tap & hold. This is often triggered by my sleeve or even resting the watch on my leg. 

Steps to reproduce (the problem I notice):

  1. Set up the watch with a watch face that has complications display options near the edge of the display. I'll use "body battery" in this example. 
  2. Wear the watch on your wrist and turn it down so that the screen turns off. 
  3. Use the watch and notice that it often vibrates and when you check it, it's showing that "body battery" screen. 

Steps to reproduce (what I think is the underlying problem):

  1. Set up the watch face with a complications display option, in this case I'll use "body battery". 
  2. Turn the screen off by pressing your palm or turning your wrist down. 
  3. Without turning on the screen or pressing a button first, tap and hold the area on the screen that has the "body battery" complication on the watch face when the screen is on. **EDIT: or just tap, you don't even have to tap and hold**.
  4. The screen will turn on. 
  5. The device will register your finger as a "tap and hold" on the "body battery" data button. 
  6. The watch will vibrate and display the body battery screen. 

Im not sure of the behavior before the update. All I know is that my watch wasn't constantly vibrating and showing the body battery screen. 

Edit: corrected the term for the data displayed on the watch face which is "complications". 

Edit 2: you don't have to touch and hold when the screen is off.