Version 9.24 thinks I'm tapping and holding complications on the watch face when screen is off

I recently updated to software version 9.24. On my watch face I have body battery, step count, and device battery displayed as the "complications" (on the watch face). After the update, when I'm not using the watch, it constantly thinks I'm pressing one of the complications and brings up one of the related screens. 

I believe this is because if, while the screen is off, you tap and hold the area where the complication icon would be if the screen is on, it will register it as a tap & hold. This is often triggered by my sleeve or even resting the watch on my leg. 

Steps to reproduce (the problem I notice):

  1. Set up the watch with a watch face that has complications display options near the edge of the display. I'll use "body battery" in this example. 
  2. Wear the watch on your wrist and turn it down so that the screen turns off. 
  3. Use the watch and notice that it often vibrates and when you check it, it's showing that "body battery" screen. 

Steps to reproduce (what I think is the underlying problem):

  1. Set up the watch face with a complications display option, in this case I'll use "body battery". 
  2. Turn the screen off by pressing your palm or turning your wrist down. 
  3. Without turning on the screen or pressing a button first, tap and hold the area on the screen that has the "body battery" complication on the watch face when the screen is on. **EDIT: or just tap, you don't even have to tap and hold**.
  4. The screen will turn on. 
  5. The device will register your finger as a "tap and hold" on the "body battery" data button. 
  6. The watch will vibrate and display the body battery screen. 

Im not sure of the behavior before the update. All I know is that my watch wasn't constantly vibrating and showing the body battery screen. 

Edit: corrected the term for the data displayed on the watch face which is "complications". 

Edit 2: you don't have to touch and hold when the screen is off. 

  • I’m experiencing the same issue. I can confirm that this behavior did not occur on the previous official software release - in my case this issue started since installing beta software 9.19 and still exists at version 9.24.

  • Are you having the issue where when you stop using your watch it'll randomly vibrate and display a data screen like body battery? Like when it gets touched by a sleeve or something?

  • Yes, when watch is under a sleeve or when I rest wrist on my leg in a way that watchface touches my pants it reads a touch. Also when I want to wake up watch to check time, if I click in a correct spot it takes me straight to widget - even when I don’t hold it. When watch face is lit on, it starts to work correctly- I have to do long press to enter widget.

  • I am experiencing the same since updating. I also have to tap twice before I can scroll to see the widgets. So waking up the screen and scrolling to the widgets doesn’t work. But waking the screen and then rapping and then scrolling does work. 

  • I have same issue as well. Even when I restart the watch, it still happens often.

  • yes... i've been testing the beta versions for weeks before official got released. these issues and other problems too have been reported in the beta forum, but somehow ignored, or nobody is reading there... so they decide to go live with a software full of bugs although these have been reported over and over... shame! what's the point of wasting my time and energy trying beta software that messes all the experience if eventually everyone else will get the same bugs/issues... mad!

  • If anyone finds a fix for this PLEASE share. For over a week now, since my last software update, my watch has been mistakenly registering anything touching it (a sleeve brushing on the screen, resting on a bare leg etc) as a tap and hold, causing it to vibrate and open body battery, steps etc) It’s happening about 50 times a day and is driving me mad!

  • Same.. and I think it’s draining the battery. Yesterday it constantly buzzed my wrist and opened music, BB, heart rate etc etc (it’s also scrolling on its own sometimes) and my battery drained 5% an hour. I never had this happen. I always had 12 days on 100% battery, prior to updating. And some days it doesn’t buzz my wrist as much (I think due to different clothes; with shorter sleeves so my watch is not under the fabric). And then I have decent battery life. 

    yesterday I was listening music via my watch, in my car.. and it skipped songs the whole time. my sleeve did it, I suppose,  it was highly annoying.

    I try to have it on the screen lock today. Then the watch won’t open things on his own and won’t buzz my wrist constantly and hopefully won’t drain the battery as much. It only lights up then, when something touches the screen. (Maybe that’s a workaround for now?) 

  • When I was having these issues while testing the beta, I thought I was crazy or the only one... I am glad now that a larger group can test and have these issues... :) NOT SURE WHY BUT ALL THE UPDATES FOR THIS PARTICULAR WATCH SINCE IT'S RELEASE HAVE BEEN A JOKE/MESS... either the watch is having on a larger scale hardware issues that can't be ever solved or the programmers don't scan the forums for bugs/reports...

    I can suggest for the moment, changing to a watch face without complications on the screen, something simple and also disable raise to wake or AOD or auto-lock...

  • Thank you for this very detailed post. Our higher support team wants to review this but is requesting a video of this occurring. Would you please upload a video here so that I may pass it forward and also answer the following questions:

    • Do we have permission to email you?
    • May we access your Connect account?
    • What country do you reside in?