Jabra Active Elite 65t headphones keep getting disconnected

I have the VivoActive 4, connected to my Jabra Active Elite 65t headphones and it plays music GREAT. No connectivity issues. 

As soon as I tried to track and activity it disconnects my headphones and it is an endless cycle of connect and disconnect in my ears. I almost lost my mind after half an hour. 

I found the solution here:  on the FR945 forum and IT SOLVED the problem. I'm sharing it here to help anyone searching or experiencing this problem.


Solved. The issue was that FR945 identifies JEA as a footpod (FP).


* Remove "FP Jabra..." under "Sensors and..." (I also removed and reinstalled the "no-FP" JEA)

* When you go to activities FR945 will ask you to add "FP Jabra...". Just say no.

Now it works like a charm...!