Sleep widget on watchface?

I feel there might be an area open for improvement on the watch interface, i've noticed a lack of consolidated information in the ecosystem by the lack of Sleep information on the watch. causing user interaction headaches...

Really wish I was able to view my sleep stats on the watch upon waking, this is one of the few interface issues that interferes with my usage of the device, it is actually quite cumbersome to:

  • #1. Unlock phone.

  • #2. Activate internet.

  • #3. Activate bluetooth.

  • #4. Open Garmin Connect.

  • #5. Activate bluetooth on the watch.

  • #6. wait for 20-45sec for syncing.

And then AFTER 6 separate actions on both phone and watch I finally get to see how long I've slept..

Is there any way to let the watch sync remotely by wifi to the garmin server, to compute and then retrieve sleep information directly from the server to the watch, circumventing the need to sync by phone.

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