3.60 firmware feedback

Finally we got new firmware yesterday with long awaited fixes, yay! Wasn't been able to test out everything, but I had one problem right after the update: the watch couldn't connect to the app (android, oneplus). Removed it from the app, paired again and everything seemed to work. Today I noticed that garmin pay had been reset or something but I couldn't start the configuration, I got some error. Eventually I had to clear the app data and it finally worked. 

  • Yep, same issues here after the update to 3.60. Love the fact that vo2max and wifi syncing is fixed, but battery drain and HR sensor always on aren't desirable changes.

    Some of my findings after upgrading my 4S to firmware version 3.60
    - using dutch language on the watch, the message when searching for wifi networks, is still in english.

    - I too have the issue that the HR sensor stays on when watch is off the wrist

    - No data to compare against, but looks like the battery drains faster. Although: before I was unable to use spotify music on my runs. Now I can, which of course uses extra juice

    - Lots of gaps in measuring stress and HR data when looking at the graphs in Garmin Connect.

    - Often when looking at the watch, something cannot be measured. Similar to the previous point, specifically stress is often unmeasurable. That was not the case (as much) before the 3.60 upgrade.

    - Not sure if this has to do with the upgrade. But, I have been using the watch for almost 4 weeks. Running 3x per week and my VO2MAX is only going down. I don't understand that, was expecting to go up.

    - The Run/Walk alerts don't seem to work when doing a running workout from the RunWalkRun coach programme.

    Still, kudos to Garmin for making this product. Would be awesome though if the software matures quickly now.

  • I had problems with breath recordings not showing in the Garmin app, I signed out of the google account and all recordings works again.. 

  • After about 1.5 week of using VA4 (on firmware 3.60), here are my feedback:

    1. Heart rate sensor never stop blinking, have no way to turn off, except switch off the watch or take off from wrist. Tried the following method, not working:
      1. Change Auto Hear Rate to OFF
      2. Factory reset
      3. Factory + data reset
    2. Please allow hear rate sensor auto ON when start an exercise tracking while the Auto heart rate set to OFF. I just want to conserve battery not to continuous monitor my heart rate, BUT i still need to track my exercise.
    3. I left my VA4 on the table overnight, in the next day morning, the watch recorded few hundreds of resting calories, brilliant! Check the screenshot....zero heart rate but 663 calories.
    5. IMO, part of the battery drain issue is with the Connect app, when i working on some Connect setting, update/add widget etc, the syncing just keep triggered with any single setting change, Garmin why not you let the user done the setting/adjustment on Connect app, then only do a batch sync by triggering the user? Currently, few round of playing with Connect app, the battery drain really quickly.
    6. VA4 is a multi-sport watch, why there is not Hiking profile? 
    7. Slow GPS locking whenever want to start a workout, i wonder if VA4 utilize AGPS? My good old Polar M430 lock GPS way faster than VA4!
    8. Frequent signal dropping when pairing with Garmin Speed Sensor 2 with ANT+, i am forced to switch over to BLE connect just that it is much lesser signal drop compared to ANT+.
    9. There were one time my cycling activity got uploaded to Strava while i have not end the tracking...
    10. Overall battery drain is terrible!
  • Plus 1. I also ran into this problem. Also experiencing issues with the HR sensor not turning off when taking it off my wrist and battery seems to drain faster than back when I was running 3.50

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    I am having the same problems as everyone is describing here as well. The HR sensor keeps blinking even if it's not on the wrist. Restarting it helps but the issue returns after recording an activity

  • Same goes for me with the Venu. I have a very active job.

    Vivosmart before about 550-600 active calories which is pretty spot on.

    Venu now about 300. Which is a complete joke.

    I made a diet over the last year and know which is my average calorie bruning. The Venu calculation is basically 300-400 too low. Sometimes i have the feeling outside of workouts the HR isnt used to calculate active calories, just the steps like a 30€ china tracker....

  • when I press the watch off, it will restart instead of off....

  • Yap, same thing here. The HR sensor isn't deactivating when the watch is not on the wrist.

  • I upgraded my Venu to firmware 3.60 and got a stability issue. The watch occasionally reseted itself and I lost my step record, sleep tracking for a day. Should fix this issue ASAP.

  • Battery drain could be caused by a WiFi issue. Shouldn't be the HR blinking.