3.60 firmware feedback

Finally we got new firmware yesterday with long awaited fixes, yay! Wasn't been able to test out everything, but I had one problem right after the update: the watch couldn't connect to the app (android, oneplus). Removed it from the app, paired again and everything seemed to work. Today I noticed that garmin pay had been reset or something but I couldn't start the configuration, I got some error. Eventually I had to clear the app data and it finally worked. 

  • I just would like to second the fact that HR doesn't turn off when the watch is off my wrist. Also when plugged with a charging cable. Hope this issue is resolved soon!

  • Yes there's definitely something wrong with the HR sensor. Few days ago, after receiving 3.60, I made a factory reset. I made it because I got a suddent 50% drain during night. After that the battery is going for the 7 days declared time, but I think something could brake this tendency. Yesterdat I had a short running training, after I finished it, I took the watch off to take a shower and noticed that the hr sensor blinks like a strobe light. I put it on my wrist for few minutes, take it off - still the same. Tried to turn off the sensor from the watch settings - it still blinked. Finally it stopped after a reboot.

    I guess if I didn't reboot it I could have sudden drain again. Maybe is right, it could have something to do with a training.

  • I finally got the update yesterday evening but unfortunately the activity calories are still not fixed. 
    How is it possible that I've had an average of around 450-550 active calories on the vivoactive 3 while only 180-250 on the 4s, doing the exact same stuff? 
    It's just frustrating...

  • Higher than normal battery usage. When I get a incoming call the and answering the watch just keeps showing incoming answering it or declining it hangs up on the person. I have Android 10. Phone also constantly connects and disconnects from watch even 1 foot away. 

  • BTW, after looking at the forums, I tried to do a test today. Charged by watch for 4 hours last night. and wore it to bed (no pulseox, no wifi, no music, no gps etc.) and it lost 3% in like 7 hours. But then halfway through the day it started losing 1% every 45mins, i noticed that when the battery is draining fast the heart rate monitor is blinking like crazy otherwise it's not blinking that much. This of course isnt a quanitative test but just an observation.

  • Do not upgrade to this version !  The constant blinking of HR is really annoying. Need to rebbot watch couple times a day to make it go. The  issue starts after startin any activity recording.

  • Loved the watch, but after this update it is dramatically. Hr sensor keeps blinking randomly, batterylife is dropping randomly (every day I have to charge the watch), stock watchface crashes or does not react anymore.

    I hope their will an update soon, otherwise I bring it back.

    Btw, I have the Venu and I see it has the same problems as the VA4.

  • If you start recording the activity like running. The issue will start.

  • yes, only after starting workout. It will trigger hr sensor to work forever, even after watch is off wrist

    The developers know and will fix in next update, I hope :D