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VO2Max no longer updating?

I've been using my vivoactive 4 for three weeks now and all was fine (except downloading Spotify music of course, but that is a known issue apparently), but Monday 14 Oct is the last time my VO2Max got updated.

- Oct 14, did a run, no issues, VO2Max updated
- Oct 15, ran again, VO2max did not update, but there was server maintenance, so I thought that was the cause
- Oct 16, another run, but still no new VO2Max estimate

In the Android app I can see the overview of my VO2Max stats over the last year (updated until 14 Oct), on the website ( the only mention of VO2Max is under reports and no longer as a separate menu item:

I got an app update and FW update a few days ago, so maybe the issue started from then, but I'm not sure.

Is this a known issue? Are more people experiencing this?

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