GARMIN EXPRESS ISSUE: some Widgets/Apps are duplicating


I noticed the following ISSUE:

Certain apps or widgets show up twice in in the App List in Garmin Express (Windows) - see screenshot below!

Currently the following apps have duplicates: 

  • Garmin Hydration Widget
  • Garmin Connect Challengers
  • myABC (Altimeter Barometer App)

The apps are only duplicating on Garmin Express, not on the watch itself (VENU 2, currently on firmware v 4.67)

I tried to remove one instance of each app, but it did not work. I have also tried to remove the affected apps completly and then reinstall it, also without permanent success....

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

 please keep us posted on any findings!

  • It's actually not an issue.  I've been doing CIQ apps for a long time, and the Venu2 is the first CIQ 4.x device.  With 4.0, the "widget" type app no longer exists, and is now a "super app" which can show up both in the glance loop as well as the activity loop, and can be removed from either or both.  Here's a screen shot of some of my test apps that make it a bit clearer.  Notice that Simple Lean G2 is a watch face and only shows once,

    Pi Temps is a widget on pre 4.x devices, and shows up on the venu2 as both a device application as well a glance - it's a "super app" and shows in two different places on the venu 2 and therefore shows up in two places in Garmin Express: