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HR accuracy when not in activity


I received my venu 2 5 days ago and noticed a lack of accuracy In HR monitoring mainly when not in an activity. If I start an activity it seams to go fine when compared to a band, but during the day is always around 65-80 even when I’m band is around 110 or more. 
also noticed that during if I’m cycling and in the edge I see 135 hr, in venu (without starting an activity) it’s still at 80.

anyone else? This is anoying and I might send the watch back.

thank you

  • I just recently noticed this too after I tried out a friend's Zwift bike setup. I got my HR up to at least 130 BPM and my Venu 2 was showing like 60bpm still.

    Pretty concerning for Garmin, a leader in this industry, to have this issue across their watch line and not really be acknowledging it or providing any real solutions in this thread after so long.

  • Non e stato ancora risolto il bug???

    Inizialmente il mio venu 2 era molto preciso sia durante l'attivita' che problema e saltato fuori solo dopo gli ultimi aggiornamenti!!!

    Non capisco solo se e un problema solo del venu 2 oppure proprio del nuovo sensore garmin...cosi' fosse sarebbe presente anche sugli ultimi dispositivi usciti

  • I have a garmin 645, a vivoactice hr before that and soon to be a Venu 2 owner.  The behaviour of the sensor outside activities is bad when doing an activity.  It uses a low power mode and as such misses lots of data.  

    This has been true for every garmin I have ever owned.  I would suggest if you want to conserve battery, use treadmill or a cardio setting when walking.  For anything else there isn’t really an issue. 

    Learn to live with the issue of battery and performance management.  

  • I've noticed, that while not being too active or for moderate activities, HR results are about 20-30 BPM higher than professional Omron Blood Pressure Monitor. (watch in normal state without activity program)

    But you are talking about doing activity but without turning on the activity program on the watch - here results may be lower.

  • Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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  • Hello, I received a new watch under the warranty and again there is the same problem as with my colleagues above, as I am going on a zwift and there is no active activity, the measurement is about 60/80 beats lower, but when I turn on the activity, it is the same as the HR belt. My question is whether Garmin will do something in this direction to remove this defect on mine is a software glitch.

  • Now I have my Venu 2 , I too have this issue, that said I have on every Garmin to date.  Today I went for a walk for 40mins at a leisurely pace, hr was around 80-90 for whole thing.  In terms of calorie burn this equates to 40 calories burned.  

    Contrast this with a recorded activity where the hr was in the 80-105 zone and calories burnt around 160.   

    Clearly the low power mode is a little inaccurate for move iq events.

    I read on Garmin that once the watch detects an activity that hr monitor should kick in   Clearly it doesn’t seem to at full power in terms of accuracy. For me the more we pressing issue is the calorie burn.  While I am aware this is only a guide, there is an issue where a recorded activity almost tripled the calorie burned figure. 

    That said, in activity and pottering around the house it does seem pretty accurate.  I do think the issue out of activity is more to do with the algorithms Garmin is using, especially in terms of calorie burn.  

  • My heart rate measures is way off since 8.11, my hrm dual is 20-25 bpm:s more than the watch.  Last week they were aligned.

  • I returned the watch, absolutely terrible. Unhappy customer