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HR accuracy when not in activity


I received my venu 2 5 days ago and noticed a lack of accuracy In HR monitoring mainly when not in an activity. If I start an activity it seams to go fine when compared to a band, but during the day is always around 65-80 even when I’m band is around 110 or more. 
also noticed that during if I’m cycling and in the edge I see 135 hr, in venu (without starting an activity) it’s still at 80.

anyone else? This is anoying and I might send the watch back.

thank you

  • One example from Tuesday, where I didn't use the trick mentioned above. The difference is HUGE!

    Average from the Activity with the HRM Strap is 168 bpm, while Venu 2 measured most of it around 100 bpm.


  • Has the problem been solved? 

    To underestimate the beats outside of an activity, is a problem that I am also experiencing ... in my case, however, it is solved by deactivating the heart rate detection for a few seconds ... but it is a procedure that I have to do every morning 

  • Not for me, Garmin have my files but in my mind the watch is faulty.  Just tried your suggestion and the watch went from recording 110bpm before turning it off to 76bpm after turning it back on. Either something is massively wrong or my body has superhuman powers that allows my HR to drop 34bpm in 5 seconds.  Also got told by Garmin it might not be a quick fix so I'm in the process for claiming under the sales of goods act to have the watch returned as "not fit for purpose"

  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem. Resting heart rate really isn't right. During the activities the heart rate is also on evolve, much too high compared to reality.

  • Any update on this? do you need more details? It happened again yesterday. 

  • While we are working on this report, please record an activity with the Venu 2 using the appropriate activity profile for your activity/workout.  When you have completed the activity, if you will be using a third party app or a different device to upload the activity to your Garmin Connect account (instead of uploading the activity from your Venu 2), you can choose to simply "Discard" the activity instead of saving it on the watch.

  • I have the same issue. Hard reset didn't fix anything.

    I want to understand what the difference is between measuring my heartrate with and without starting an activity on the watch.  How and why does it measure differently in the first place? Aside from this problem, the Venu 2 is apparently able to measure hr just fine.

  • Hello everyone, Regarding the accuracy of the heart rate sensor outside of activities, it's a disaster.

    The sensors measure 130 bpm, 120 bpm while the heart rate is at 75 bpm during this time.

    I still had the experience today with inconsistent results.

    It is not possible to be that bad.

  • YEP!.... I noticed this weird bug from day one from getting the Venu 2 too.

    As mentioned previously, unless you start an activity and then delete it afterwards, the HR in standard usage is pretty much useless for anything over about 100 BPM. I wonder if the HR sampling rate is massively increased once you start an activity etc?

    If I can be bothered to do the delete method... I do notice the HR is pretty much spot on to my other external strap when I compare it - so at least it works accurately in an activity mode.

    While it would be good to have a watch that worked properly, I'm not that bothered about it for cycling because I mainly use the other strap and power data for my training. 


  • Hi, I’ve had the Venu 2 about 3-4 days and have noticed this problem. Particularly on the indoor trainer, it refuses to go above 80 even when my heart rate is around 160! I wear a heart rate strap and even wore my old Fitbit that confirmed this! As soon as I start an activity it is really accurate, far more so that the Fitbit. This just strikes me as really odd! Would love to hear back from Garmin about this.