No Trail run activity?

I recently purchased this watch. Love it, the screen and the user interface.

But to my shock, 1 thing is missing. There is no "Trail run" activity, just "Run"

I really want to have the 2 separate as I don't want vo2max to be factored on a trail run.

I discovered you can copy an activity, say Hike, which I thought would be a good way to record trail runs.

Unfortunately, after copying a Hike activity, I can only call it Hike or Train. I cannot find a way to rename the copy of a hike activity or change it's icon, which kinda makes copying an activity pointless.

Any ideas what to do here in setting up a trail run activity?

  • Check the CIQ App store for an app that does trail run.

    When you copy a native activity, the sport doesn't change.  When you rename it to something like hike or train, that just changes the name you see on the watch, but you can have different settings from the original like auto lap on or off.,

  • There is a trail app called app4trail, but it's a paid app. I'll give that a go.

    Honestly Id be quite happy if I could just copy the hike activity and rename it to trail as the activity name, so it would appear in garmin connect and strava as "trail run", but It won't let me rename the copied activity. It only lets me pick 2 options, Hike(1) (same as original doh) or Train.

  • Just to follow up on my own post. Not sure if the last update added this or I didn't see it. But you can now add a new activity, then pick duplicate, then pick run, then it allows you to pick "Trail run". You do this on your watch only.
    Now I got Run & Trail run on my activities. Happy camper