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Venu 2 losing ~50% battery over night?

Hello, I've been using my Venu 2 for a little over a week now and I've been loving it but just this morning something odd happened. I went to bed last night with the battery at about 50-60% and when I woke up there was a warning screen on my Venu 2 saying the battery was at 10%. I've been wearing my Venu 2 to bed every night since the 23rd of April with with no significant battery drain. I know I have sleep and wake times set as I've noticed raise to turn on stops/starts working at these times (I don't have the screen always on) and I have Pulse OX set to only record during sleep and it hasn't seemed to affected the battery that much. I also don't seem to have activated any kind of activity that would increase sensor usage or anything while sleeping. Is anyone else having this issue. Does anyone know if this is a software issue or is it possible my Venu 2 is defective?

  • Hah, thank you - I don't know this forum software well enough to add tags :) FYI happened again last night - went from ~70% battery before bed to completely dead (0% and turned off) when I woke up. I still cannot find a common pattern between days when it fails vs. not (e.g. it was fine overnight yesterday). Phone support has only been able to offer replacing the hardware, which I already did once (and that didn't fix it).

  • And again last night: ~75% battery to zero-turned-itself-off overnight. This is the first time I can verify it's not linked to activities on the previous day, too, since I was lazy and took a day off on Saturday. Also seems pretty obvious now that 3.4 doesn't fix it...

  • Frustrated by the lack of response here - I was hopeful that 3.48 would fix this, but no luck; went from ~40% to zero again last night (a few days after I received the update). Still happening once or twice a week. or otherwise, can we please get some information here? I'm reluctant to have phone support replace my hardware a second time if it's not going to solve the problem. I'm happy to share more about my configuration if the issue seems to be unique to certain combinations of settings.

  • Have you tried rebooting your watch?  Press the upper button for 20 seconds or so and the watch will turn itself off.  Then turn it back on.

  • Just jumping back in here, as I'm considering the purchase of the Venu 2 after getting thoroughly Pi$$ed at Samsung and their watch.  But, I'm wondering if you don't have an app that's running amok on your watch.  Have you tried disabling apps, one by one, and checking, to see if that corrects the problem?  Sounds like an app is possibly starting on it's own, maybe even one with GPS enabled, and draining the battery.  I don't know but is there a way to see which apps are running on the watch like you can on your phone?

  • CIQ apps don't just start on their own.  Never seen it in 6 years of developing apps.

    I've seen a reboot solve problems many times though.  

  • No apps installed (including some of the defaults like Spotify actively uninstalled), and many reboots so far (especially since every time the battery drops to zero overnight, it de facto reboots itself). And I've tried resetting to factory defaults a couple of times too.

    A nice update from phone support, though: they confirmed this is a known issue, although they weren't sure what's causing it yet (hardware vs. software). The explanation they gave today is that the engineering team is working on it, and that they're collecting affected devices to help track it down. So they're swapping my hardware again, and I'll hope either that fixes it, or they'll be able to debug the glitch soon - other than this happening ~every week, I've really loved the 2S (especially given the dearth of smartwatches for tiny wrists!)

  • Hi all - FYI just got my second replacement set up, so I'll see whether the new hardware avoids the problem. Interestingly, prior to the replacement, I've been having substantially fewer instances of this issue when doing fewer outdoor activities. So I'll revise what I said earlier - it seems like it's not *directly* related to having done an outdoor activity on the same day, but it does seem to occur more frequently when there are generally more outdoor activities (way too rainy here in New England the past few weeks...)

  • I just experienced this issue. Noticed the battery drained from 50% to 17% over night. Not sure what happened. I've had the watch for a few days.