Since either Firmware version 16.xx or 17.04, Venu 2 Plus has a number of problems

Hi ,

I have noticed a number of posts and tickets raised about this matter but wish to add my known issues with the recent firmware upgrade, to add support to getting this matter fixed ASAP with Garmin.


1. Battery draining - from approx 6-7 days battery life  to 2 days in between charges

2. Spotify (music stored on my phone) playing randomly whilst battery is charging

3. Battery now taking around 4-5 hours to charge, rather than less than 1 hour

4. Watch face freezes during battery charge

5. Other screens e.g. "Watches" freezing whilst in use.

Garmin, could you please advise this forum on any progress with these matters as they have been well documented on here for some months now.

Thank you.