BETA - Venu 2 Plus SW 8.05 Is Available

Download - Venu 2 Plus


  • If you see any issues send an email to [email protected] Please indicate the following: Your Venu variant (Venu 2, Venu 2S, Venu 2 Plus). Additionally, provide the software version of Garmin Connect Mobile and whether on Android or iOS.
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Changes made from version 7.40 to 8.05:

  • Removed WEP Wi-Fi network support
  • Added press and hold on watch face complications to open detailed view
  • Added Connect IQ System 5 support
  • Improved display backlight performance
  • Sleep, watch face, and workout improvements
  • Stability and UI improvements
  • Tried installing it onto mine and after it did all of the software update process nothing happened. I am still in version 6.12. Is it maybe because mine was bought in China?

  • Please advise if this update can help in tracking my Sleep? 

    I got the Venu 2 Plus yesterday but it wasn't reading or tracking my sleep last night. 

    It had me on Rest under Stress but no sleep data. 

    I'm a fitbit user and upgraded to Garmin, but it looks like it's not an upgrade. LoL Laughing apologies for the poor joke. But I do hope this expensive watch works, or how can I process a return?

  • It'll be interesting to see whether 8.05 improves sleep tracking but I'm not holding my breath. It's always been a weakness of Garmins and my personal experience is their sleep tracking is significantly behind Fitbit's, from detection to accurate stage identification. I've been using a Venu 2 Plus for a couple of weeks. So far it consistently detects under 10 minutes of awake time and usually, it's once per night. I'm aware of waking up at least a few times per night, never mind the times when I'm not aware which is normal. Deep sleep also seems to be a blind spot. Pretty much everything is light or REM which doesn't make sense from a normal sleep cycle perspective. Garmins also can't auto-detect sleep like Fitbits. Garmins rely on the time you enter as your bedtime and "looks" for whatever at that time to start tracking. I think it primarily uses movement. Naps are not detected, unlike Fitbit, which I found was very good at auto-detecting sleep whenever it occurred. This is a good in-depth review, the sleep part is near the beginning, and the bottom line is the Venu 2 Plus scores poorly, even compared to other Garmins. 

  • I too would like to see an improvement in sleep tracking.  Even the cheap Huawei watches will detect daytime naps accurately.

  • Do someone still have 7.40 version ?... need to downgrade my watch